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Services Available for Staff

Staff Development Workshops:

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     Early Identification of Special Needs Students Higher Order Thinking:  Every

    Lesson  can “Bloom”

     Special and Gifted Education Alignment with Common Core Activities

✴ Improving Parent Involvement at Your School

✴ Mentorship Programs for Teachers in Math and Reading

✴ Team Building and Organizational Development

✴ Commn Core Checklist Followup Support

✴ Standards-Based Curriculum Development

✴ Coaching and Leadership Development

✴ Curriculum Mapping to Common Core Standards

✴ Improving Classroom Management

✴ Data Retreat for Teachers

✴ Behavior and Special Education

✴ Technology in the Classroom for Common Core Standards

✴ Early Childhood Strategies to Prepare for the Common Core

✴ Brain Education for Enhanced Learning

✴ Organizing Parent Institute for Your School

✴ Special Education Law for Parents and Teachers

✴ Response to Intervention Strategies

✴ Encourage Student Ownership, Engagement & Critical Thninking in the Learning Process

Latest Conference:

February 22-23, 2024  at
     Isleta Resort & Casino, Albuquerque, NM

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